Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Rabbit Coat You Wore At My Wedding

The rabbit coat you wore at my wedding
eloquently refine desert dust, stunning
hidden neckline, hook and eye front
long sleeves falling on wrist like a ringing bell
I remember it well
You gave it to me the very next day
Wrapped in a silver box just as you bought it
covered in protective seal plastic

I wear it to all my grand babies christening
in the same church, you first wore it then
Not as grand shiny and stunning
But still with sentiments; spirit of your lingering
wisdom family gathering scent

And it saturate on me and everyone you touch
when you were the vigorous powerhouse
commanding me to carry the red bloodline
cup in the palm of my hand. Trying not to spill
fragile family water to ground
striving to be strong, curving turmoil actions
rebellious views, resting to where you left ~peace

And here you are sitting before a calm fire
with high flames that does not burn
smiling with the eyes of Moses. Pleasing
Your job is done
leaving me with the secret rod -
The rabbit coat you wore at my wedding.

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