Monday, November 29, 2010

Grandpa's Spirit

All day long I’ve been smelling
a day old drunk
rubbing at my nose like bad scent cologne
And it follows
flows in the air everywhere
In the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom

And I'm walking remembering grandpa
drinking white rum
Gallons and gallons gulp down
with plain, tap water
Not mixing the sweet coca cola

And I asked about the strong burning flavour
But grandpa assured me it was good to drink
seeing he had no teeth to chew sugar cane
And I believed him then
but not now, I’m grown

Heading towards the brown broken door
I freeze
Grandpa’s spirit is following me

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Soiled love washing on shore
Scrubbing sand between my toes
hoping salt will cleanse to pure
our love

Slow emotions moving like tired waves
His body barely touching my wanting skin
yet I am drooling and trying
Struggling, fighting to start a fire
getting closer stirring friction
Hoping his saccharine lips can meet to kiss
Just hoping

These grains of sand between my toes
keeps triggering hope
that today my thoughts, my dreams
can produce more than just a touch
more than just, make believe
bringing this into being real
Netting the fish to my lips
regaining access to the heart
to the flesh, and breathe easy

~Daydreaming by the river bank~