Friday, December 31, 2010

An Hour Of Darkness

An hour of darkness
dim sky shade the staring window
fragile falling white ice
cold freezing rain New Eve night

Crowd screaming bringing New Year
loneliness creeps an unfilled soul
what to do here
what is next, what now?

Texting God
he will not return phone calls
kneading knees on rough surface
and for what? A chance of grace
~ I am hoping

Promises I make and never fulfil
null in his book, null to his ear
Texting texting
he will not read messages
turns his head delete delete

An hour of darkness
cold freezing rain New Eve night
life is still
moving snowflakes scurries in the wind
going nowhere - melting

Crowd screaming Happy New Year
God’s fingers slowly deleting
waiting for the complete return of me

Monday, December 13, 2010

I Cannot Write About Nothing More

I cannot write about nothing more
though I have been hurt
though I have been lost
and never found
and will never find true love

I cannot write about nothing more
Nothing less
than what I feel
sometimes stale
sometimes fresh
and sometimes I would rather forget
but never for long
I cannot write on nothing more
than hurt and love

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Night Nurse

He has been crying for years
longing tears
Slipping in and out
calling the night nurse
to ease pain and hurt

And she has come. The smiling Browning,
descending through dimming clouds
soft-lit moon, sliding slow
hovering below green paved ground

The lonely prayer has been heard
She is here
to seize the hurting
to ease the wanting
to rescue the lonely longing for somebody
to love him only

He is slipping in and out
Gone now
It is done

Monday, December 6, 2010

He's Arousing Me

He's arousing me playfully
teasing my neck with flavouring tongue
stirring passion shoulder to leg
stencilling lines with pencil fingertip
prints the word “fine” on yearning skin
now I am wondering,
what does he expect of me?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Middle Room

The middle room
With dimming glittering lights
of a pale blue hue

pastel pink and green bedsheet
covers the queen size mahogany bed
Powder turquoise curtain drape a broom like trimming
sweeping, sweeping the hardwood floor

An elderly woman rebuking eyes
stares through a fragile picture frame
a young girl's way of life

A quiet song sings in silent tongue
Mattress churning turns to midnight light cat fight
purring purring to a hush

Pennies shillings rattling like snakes
falls to the Sacred ground
And the elderly woman's rebuking eyes
makes the young one cry

Snow Is Falling

Snow is falling
A lonely lover crying
tears of wanting

Teardrops melt snowflakes
into warm rain
Flows to her lovers ear

And he hears the cry
dip his feet in yearning water
and ache for the touch

And ache for the kiss
of far away passion
biting lips to hush