Friday, December 31, 2010

An Hour Of Darkness

An hour of darkness
dim sky shade the staring window
fragile falling white ice
cold freezing rain New Eve night

Crowd screaming bringing New Year
loneliness creeps an unfilled soul
what to do here
what is next, what now?

Texting God
he will not return phone calls
kneading knees on rough surface
and for what? A chance of grace
~ I am hoping

Promises I make and never fulfil
null in his book, null to his ear
Texting texting
he will not read messages
turns his head delete delete

An hour of darkness
cold freezing rain New Eve night
life is still
moving snowflakes scurries in the wind
going nowhere - melting

Crowd screaming Happy New Year
God’s fingers slowly deleting
waiting for the complete return of me

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