Friday, December 31, 2010

An Hour Of Darkness

An hour of darkness
dim sky shade the staring window
fragile falling white ice
cold freezing rain New Eve night

Crowd screaming bringing New Year
loneliness creeps an unfilled soul
what to do here
what is next, what now?

Texting God
he will not return phone calls
kneading knees on rough surface
and for what? A chance of grace
~ I am hoping

Promises I make and never fulfil
null in his book, null to his ear
Texting texting
he will not read messages
turns his head delete delete

An hour of darkness
cold freezing rain New Eve night
life is still
moving snowflakes scurries in the wind
going nowhere - melting

Crowd screaming Happy New Year
God’s fingers slowly deleting
waiting for the complete return of me

Monday, December 13, 2010

I Cannot Write About Nothing More

I cannot write about nothing more
though I have been hurt
though I have been lost
and never found
and will never find true love

I cannot write about nothing more
Nothing less
than what I feel
sometimes stale
sometimes fresh
and sometimes I would rather forget
but never for long
I cannot write on nothing more
than hurt and love

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Night Nurse

He has been crying for years
longing tears
Slipping in and out
calling the night nurse
to ease pain and hurt

And she has come. The smiling Browning,
descending through dimming clouds
soft-lit moon, sliding slow
hovering below green paved ground

The lonely prayer has been heard
She is here
to seize the hurting
to ease the wanting
to rescue the lonely longing for somebody
to love him only

He is slipping in and out
Gone now
It is done

Monday, December 6, 2010

He's Arousing Me

He's arousing me playfully
teasing my neck with flavouring tongue
stirring passion shoulder to leg
stencilling lines with pencil fingertip
prints the word “fine” on yearning skin
now I am wondering,
what does he expect of me?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Middle Room

The middle room
With dimming glittering lights
of a pale blue hue

pastel pink and green bedsheet
covers the queen size mahogany bed
Powder turquoise curtain drape a broom like trimming
sweeping, sweeping the hardwood floor

An elderly woman rebuking eyes
stares through a fragile picture frame
a young girl's way of life

A quiet song sings in silent tongue
Mattress churning turns to midnight light cat fight
purring purring to a hush

Pennies shillings rattling like snakes
falls to the Sacred ground
And the elderly woman's rebuking eyes
makes the young one cry

Snow Is Falling

Snow is falling
A lonely lover crying
tears of wanting

Teardrops melt snowflakes
into warm rain
Flows to her lovers ear

And he hears the cry
dip his feet in yearning water
and ache for the touch

And ache for the kiss
of far away passion
biting lips to hush

Monday, November 29, 2010

Grandpa's Spirit

All day long I’ve been smelling
a day old drunk
rubbing at my nose like bad scent cologne
And it follows
flows in the air everywhere
In the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom

And I'm walking remembering grandpa
drinking white rum
Gallons and gallons gulp down
with plain, tap water
Not mixing the sweet coca cola

And I asked about the strong burning flavour
But grandpa assured me it was good to drink
seeing he had no teeth to chew sugar cane
And I believed him then
but not now, I’m grown

Heading towards the brown broken door
I freeze
Grandpa’s spirit is following me

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Soiled love washing on shore
Scrubbing sand between my toes
hoping salt will cleanse to pure
our love

Slow emotions moving like tired waves
His body barely touching my wanting skin
yet I am drooling and trying
Struggling, fighting to start a fire
getting closer stirring friction
Hoping his saccharine lips can meet to kiss
Just hoping

These grains of sand between my toes
keeps triggering hope
that today my thoughts, my dreams
can produce more than just a touch
more than just, make believe
bringing this into being real
Netting the fish to my lips
regaining access to the heart
to the flesh, and breathe easy

~Daydreaming by the river bank~

Monday, October 18, 2010

You Lock Yourself In A Room

You lock yourself in a room
Strolling down a winding realm
Your mind is drifting
From now to then
when you were just a babe

someone comes knocking
Unlocks the unstable door
And things starts creeping. The haunting
the boss, the bills , a crying child
and trailing tears follow
And you cry out “ enough!
the room is full.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Woman

The woman stood at the bus stop
In summer’s warm July, breeze
Three young children. A boy, two girls
Dressed in red, silver, gold and green

Took me back to cheerful colours
Of Christmas
And the cold and the snow
Carolling singing and gift giving

But no one was singing
And no one was giving
Three young children pulling
long black tassels dangling
from the woman’s red ball room dress

One child. The little boy, overjoyed
Of the family’s outing, prancing
with a sway; slightly swinging
Here, there posing

Hand in empty pocket, chest pouting
A convincing proud pharaoh; ruling
floating on well paved sidewalk runway
Unaware his green suit was out of style
Vintage purchase from a used clothes isle

And the little girls looked on
Sweating in their red, silver and gold
Still holding the black tassel

And the sun rays were sharp and straight
Pointing at the glass shed where they waited
And the bus took like forever
Sweat pouring down the children’s face
Like melting candles on a Christmas tree

And the woman kept drying sweat
And straightening the un-ironed
Crushed collar hugging her son’s neck
Reached in an old black purse
Passed around water for each child to sip
And I watched all of this

And the sun was pelting
a sweltering burning heat.
She was on lowered knees
Fixing the swaggers suit.
Brushing the young girls hair
While she herself was need

And I wanted to say something
Pay her a nice compliment. Anything.
And when I looked at her trying eyes
I freeze
Feeling the force of her pushing
Fighting with poverty

My thoughts brought me back
To when I was a single mother
Turning hands to make better
Walking in the dreadful dark
Holding a bright light.
And the tears I held tight

Monday, July 19, 2010

Early Morning

Early morning walking
Along Bellamy road
Near the tall buildings
It is quiet
Until you bend the corner
To cedar brae drive
Under medium trees
That bares no fruit
But they are there
For some reason
For the birds that perch
In flocks of many
Like a colourful choir
Singing a melodious chorus
cheerfully chirping
in discipline sequence.
And as soon as the body
Makes that turn
swings to the corner bend
They rise
With high, pitch voices
And wings extending to fly
Hovering among the clouds
Landing calmly
As they see me moving
Away from their home
Going to my own

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And I Let Him Go

Seeing him lying
On the carpet floor
In the dim lit room
Staring at white clean ceiling
I try to imagine
What is he seeing?
What is he thinking?
And the tears
And the music he choose
To listen to
A lonely song
Not too sad
But lonely
And yearning
He don’t look at me
Yet I know he knows
I am looking
And I am curious
And I remember
The tiny purple parrot
purchase years ago
And my Mama warn
“One day the cage will open
And the bird will go!
And I see my lover
Crying secret tears
Water flowing his face
To the floor
And I open the bedroom door
And let him go.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I Had Him Last Night

I had him last night
In a hush secret session
Moving like quick sand

Sinking heated passion
Behind the dim lit stand
Of orange grape fruit
And the sound of patrol
Boots moving around
Corner bend Belay road

I had him last night
But only for a while
Two minutes in a sleepless night
Returning to dream of him tonight

Monday, February 15, 2010

Praises to the Penis

All praises to the penis
Supernatural toy.
gods of the earth
To you I bow

I won’t raise
My hand to say grace
But I will warn

Your time is now!

While you are standing
Take advantage
Choose your goddess
Time is running out
Take your place
Claim ownership
Of the garden you once lost

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Cold Day In December

A cold day in December
Ice on the ground
Snow covers skeletal trees
Wind picks up a speed
blow wherever it please

Hands on the windowpane
Fingernails scribbling your name
On a frozen sheet of glass

And you out there
In the cold looking up.
Snowflakes on your face
Head position to the right,
motioning me to come outside

Observing your lips
I read the words
“ I love you!”
from the mouth
My heart is warm
And I come out
I come out to taste
Your wine chill lips

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Touch And Let Go

Sapphire blue
moving between us two
Wrapped in your cradle
stealing from your owner;
ur soft stencil lips

Hands grip to your hip
Bodies gently touching
swaying like rock a bye babies
To the rhythm of moving water
Lips pressing, tongue launching
into warm waiting mouth.

Waves stirring atop Irish spring
aromatic fresh blue water.
Men by the shore beating drums
Calling for love to come down

Wrapped in your cradle
Swaying like rock a bye babies
Wet tongue kissing,bodies dancing
to the melody of the drums
And I know,this is a one time fun

A touch and let go
Tomorrow you’ll be gone
And the sea will whisper our secret
in a language known not to humans
And forever we’ll remember
This day of touch and let go

Friday, January 1, 2010


Observing you from afar
My mind ventures,
Aesthetic thoughts.
Body ripens;
Season sweet pine.
Over time yellow,
Soft and ready.
Built in flavour savour,
Relishing my own essence.
Intense thinking
Thoughts a new
Of what I’d like to do
And wanting
But not now
Still fantasying
Taking it slow.
Refusing to move
Longer I wait,
more I savour.
Sautee meat,
Triggering bone
To sip the juice.
Holding the sap,
on my tongue
Wanting to spill
To squeeze in your mouth
My tongue


Is my secret craving