Monday, May 23, 2011

The Moon Decides To Rest

The moon decides to rest
Cover its head under sheets of grey clouds
and the streetlights take over
Takes its turn with a low beaming glow

And it is late and peaceful
Not a sound of moving feet
Nor a sound of a living soul
And you step out from the babbling house
And you walk into peace
Into the street of silence

And you sing in peace
in the absent of the moon’s night
Walking by the first light
the second and the third
And your shadow goes before, takes lead
strolling to the beat of moving feet
Suddenly you feel Afraid

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sipping On Love

Sitting here sipping on love
Got a full cup and I’m drinking it up
the passion desire burning fire
Tasting sipping swallowing
Following the man I desire

My emotion is craving the flavour of his breath
My hands moving wanting his flawless flesh
Lips kneading his. Sipping .

Saccharine streaming water exchanges
between candy tongue
We meet
touching stirring six pack full of love