Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Cold Day In December

A cold day in December
Ice on the ground
Snow covers skeletal trees
Wind picks up a speed
blow wherever it please

Hands on the windowpane
Fingernails scribbling your name
On a frozen sheet of glass

And you out there
In the cold looking up.
Snowflakes on your face
Head position to the right,
motioning me to come outside

Observing your lips
I read the words
“ I love you!”
from the mouth
My heart is warm
And I come out
I come out to taste
Your wine chill lips

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Touch And Let Go

Sapphire blue
moving between us two
Wrapped in your cradle
stealing from your owner;
ur soft stencil lips

Hands grip to your hip
Bodies gently touching
swaying like rock a bye babies
To the rhythm of moving water
Lips pressing, tongue launching
into warm waiting mouth.

Waves stirring atop Irish spring
aromatic fresh blue water.
Men by the shore beating drums
Calling for love to come down

Wrapped in your cradle
Swaying like rock a bye babies
Wet tongue kissing,bodies dancing
to the melody of the drums
And I know,this is a one time fun

A touch and let go
Tomorrow you’ll be gone
And the sea will whisper our secret
in a language known not to humans
And forever we’ll remember
This day of touch and let go

Friday, January 1, 2010


Observing you from afar
My mind ventures,
Aesthetic thoughts.
Body ripens;
Season sweet pine.
Over time yellow,
Soft and ready.
Built in flavour savour,
Relishing my own essence.
Intense thinking
Thoughts a new
Of what I’d like to do
And wanting
But not now
Still fantasying
Taking it slow.
Refusing to move
Longer I wait,
more I savour.
Sautee meat,
Triggering bone
To sip the juice.
Holding the sap,
on my tongue
Wanting to spill
To squeeze in your mouth
My tongue


Is my secret craving