Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Cold Day In December

A cold day in December
Ice on the ground
Snow covers skeletal trees
Wind picks up a speed
blow wherever it please

Hands on the windowpane
Fingernails scribbling your name
On a frozen sheet of glass

And you out there
In the cold looking up.
Snowflakes on your face
Head position to the right,
motioning me to come outside

Observing your lips
I read the words
“ I love you!”
from the mouth
My heart is warm
And I come out
I come out to taste
Your wine chill lips


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  2. It's poetry!! I'm glad you didn't listen to that teacher...I'm finally getting back on track, as well. Beautiful imagery, lovely.

    "Your wine chill lips" - love it

    ~Bonnie (bwlight)