Thursday, January 6, 2011

January A New Year

January, a new year
and the house smells drunk
of sweet fruit cake, red sorrel rum
and days old turkey rotting

Wine stain on white linen cloth,
a shade of brown sleeping drunk
The house is silent no sound
just colourful lights blinking
on a tall thin pine tree
and the unmoving acidy rummy
scent from drinking

Cleaning scrubbing bleaching
washing windows, polishing floor
removing Christmas wreath from the door
Staying focus ridding the house of odour

Throwing out useless unwanted gifts
like the sewer scented candle, ugly sweaters
stale box cookies, cinnamon stick
and other disgusting things

Except for the lovely cards, sweet potato pie
and the brown leather coat. I didn’t get much
just tons and tons of junk
And I am mad; mad that Christmas
the one-day visitor left me in such a mess

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