Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Pursuer

The pursuer speaks
Don’t have me waiting
on this long lonely road
I need to move
closer to you

I will take care of you
I have proof
Blood pumps emotion to my heart
lips spilling words of a desperate hurt
a wounded call wanting to heal
a hidden bleeding cut

I will be there for you
When your ankle hurts
from a long day standing at work
And your tired eyes fall asleep
on the settee watching TV
and you gently whisper save me
and your soft skin glowing
showing it needs my love
I will be home

God knows-
His hand guides my heart
saving me from a painful fall.
yet I refuse to walk
my eyes sees what I want
Please don’t gamble with my intentions
Don’t hold what is not yours. Vengeances
of past mistakes.
And my spirit turns
And my spirit cries
And his lips move like fingers
turning pages through a romantic novel
And his prophetic voice
reads like an open old bible
And the Pursuer continues
You are my land
of rich productive soil
which flourishes and blossom
Into beautiful flowers.
Roots footed in owners love
I will take care of you
God knows.


  1. Oh my my my. What a gorgeous piece of poetry. It speaks to my heart. I hear the poets heartbeat and pulse. I love "...long lonely road" in this piece. Marcia, this is a powerful write. Keep writing cause I hear in you the voice of a poet.

  2. Thank you so much. I am new to writing and I am trying to learn to do much better.