Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In My Eyes

In my eyes
blues skies
green trees
And the River
shadow dark brown
Dark and hard

And we walk on the River
Stroll and march on it
without our feet getting wet,
maybe a soil on white
with a brush it comes off

But we walk
We do not swim
the waves are hard
and stifling hot
We breathe and embrace
the ups and down
we might drown

We might drown
in empty pockets
polluted politics
sorrow and hardship

And we briskly walk
Pounding strong
trying not to go down
Trying not to rain tears
to water the dry river
The one that moves around
in slow motion brown

And the nation flows
in a river of brown
and we are holding
while some are drowning
Drowning in tears and sorrow
in earths rough hard river
Dirt without water

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