Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Love When You Come Here

I love when you come here
With seal lips and sturdy hands probing
in poorly lit room. Touching here
moving there, around the glow of my fire

Striking match fingertips on my skin. Igniting
whimpering groans private moments.
Intimate motions undisclosed behind my door
And our time is slow and soundless
And the hour is like forever

A long Shifting shadow exhibit by the moon
only the sky can see but its mouth seal
Your lips conquering me in secret

And we are moving
and we are moving
and you are here; really here


  1. Powerful, yet soft and intimate. The imaginative nature of this poem is so attractive. As a reader I sense a slight hesitatancy, like you wanted to go further and deeper--restrained though. I believe you can, while maintaining integrity and commitment to your shadowed intimations. A wonderful composition.

  2. Friend, thanks for reading and your comment.
    And I also want you to know that I do accept critique. It helps me to improve.

  3. Very nice poem I really love the improvements you have made in your writings